Manchester Arms tenant Inez Hernandez stopped paying rent two months after moving in because the landlord hadn’t fixed issues she reported. In February, she called code enforcement for help. Now, she and four children are being evicted. BY JOHN WALKER

Inez Hernanadez and her six children were locked out of their Manchester Arms apartment in Fresno in March 2021, during the eviction moratorium. Hernandez withheld rent after her landlord failed to fix a number of problems in her apartment. She had falsely believed that she would not face eviction during the moratorium — but that was not the case, and her landlord won the case and locked her family out. Unable to find housing, Hernandez and her children moved in with family. Now, they live in a motel in Fresno that costs $120 a day. Her family was not alone in navigating an eviction during the pandemic.

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