Benefiting from the level of respect, authority, and influence garnered by the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) and their advocacy for the provision of adequate and affordable housing and strong, viable communities for all Americans—particularly those with low- and moderate-incomes, PSWRC – NAHRO and its members have available to them a means to change mindsets, cityscapes and lives.  

PSWRC – NAHRO membership unites you with a region full of the brightest and most effective network of housing and community development professionals.

BECOME A MEMBER TODAY…We cannot continue to do this work without you!  Membership applications for individuals, affiliated organizations, housing/community revitalization & development agencies, renewal/redevelopment & urban development agencies,and code enforcement agencies are available now. Regional agency membership is independent of agency membership in National NAHRO. Dues are based on either the number of housing units (housing agencies) or population served (community and redevelopment agencies).

Membership Benefits at a Glance ♦

Become Involved

PSWRC member agencies have the opportunity to get themselves involved and their employees on a wide range of our regional standing committees such as:

  • Member Services.  The function of this committee is to serve those interests of the members which cut across program and professional lines and represent the concerns of special interest groups within the membership, including minorities, commissioners, and women. The committee addresses organizational issues such as constitutional change, dues structure, etc. It also works to coordinate supportive products and services provided by NAHRO and the Region, such as conferences, publications, member benefits, and awards.
  • Professional Development.  The function of this committee is to provide policy and direction to promote the growth of the housing and community development profession. The committee focuses on career enhancement, continuing education, certification and credentialing, technical services, and the improvement of the professional skills of NAHRO members.
  • Housing.  The function of this committee is to address legislative, regulatory and policy issues for a wide range of affordable housing issues. The goals of the committee are to develop and promote legislation that is feasible to implement with maximum deregulation and flexibility and to promote quality communities that provide adequate affordable housing with local autonomy.
  • Community Revitalization & Development.  The function of this committee is to address a broad range of issues related to the economic vitality of cities and the development and conservation of neighborhoods, including administrative, legislative, regulatory, and funding issues of community development programs and operations.
  • Financial Management.  The function of this committee is to focus on the general and specific areas of finance and accounting for program administration in the areas of housing and community development and shall support, promote and provide opportunities for training to financial staff, as well as serve to promote a broader understanding of housing and community development financial concepts by non-financial personnel and representatives of applicable governing bodies.
  • Commissioner Affairs.  The function of this committee is to broaden the constituency which supports the goals and objectives of NAHRO and to support programs which increase the ability of commissioners to discharge their responsibilities effectively. To carry out this mandate, committee members must communicate with the staff, leadership, and membership at all levels.

Stay Up-to-Date on Regional News

Our informative quarterly newsletter keeps you informed about the good work within our region from our housing and community development partners and will offer best practices to assist you in managing your agency’s more effectively. New members are profiled, renewing members are recognized. All members have the opportunity to contribute articles related to their business, and also insert flyers that will reach our membership.

PSWRC Website

A PSWRC member agency or business affiliate member will receive a free listing on the PSWRC website and link to the member agency’s or affiliate member’s website. Logo’s and other opportunities are also available for a nominal fee.

Employment Posting Service

For a nominal fee, members and business affiliates are encouraged to use the PSWRC regional office to announce employment opportunities as a way of getting their postings out to folks via the regional website and through our membership notification system to those who are familiar with the housing and community development industries.

Scholarship Opportunities for the People You Serve

PSWRC-NAHRO offers a scholarship incentive program for graduating high school and continuing students who reside in public housing or Section 8 housing but this only offered through a sponsoring PSWRC-NAHRO member agency who is in “good standing.”  Each year, PSWRC will award one $1,000 scholarship to one lucky recipient which will renew annually for the maximum of four (4) years based on the recipient’s academic performance.  What a great incentive to pass on to the people you serve!

Affiliate Member Discounts on Annual Conference Booth Registrations

All current affiliate business members will receive an exclusive membership discount off of their annual conference booth registration. This is an opportunity to have a booth that can showcase your business or service at a truly affordable fee.

Affiliate Member Business Directory

Affiliate members receive a free listing in our Regional Business Directory on the website that is made available to all membership.  This directory will be used by many to locate products and services.