HARRP – Active Shooter Training

Limited Number of Seats Available for HARRP’s “Active Shooter Training”

Post-PSWRC-NAHRO Conference on Wednesday, May 23, 2018
Every year the media covers stories of active shooters in places of public accommodation, as well as in the workplace. Unfortunately, we at HARRP are aware of 3 incidents at public housing where an armed individual threatened staff, two of those incidents ended in fatalities.
BRIEF COURSE DESCRIPTION: This full day, 8-hour session will prepare attendees to: Prevent violence, recognize pre-attack indicators, how to respond to Aggressors, whether to make fight or flight decisions, learn to focus during the stress of impending violence and consider loss control techniques for personal safety and public safety and creating an Emergency Operating Procedure.
REGISTRATION: Registration was first opened up to HARRP/AHRP members and the remaining seats available will be based on a “first-to-register” basis.
***This training is FREE of CHARGE, but, space is limited to a total of 80 seats.  Please select only two (2) attendees from your agency to participate in this training.