As part of NAHRO’s Housing America campaign, a poster contest is held each year for children residing in affordable housing and community developments owned or administered by NAHRO member agencies. Posters reflect the national theme of “What Home Means to Me.” The contest is a collaborative effort of NAHRO’s chapter/state, regional, and national organizations. National honorees are selected from chapter/state-level winning entries.

2019 Contest Winners

H – is for “home.” Its where my heart is, a place I feel safe and loved. A place I can be myself. 
E – is for “emotions” of happiness, joy, laughter, and tears. 
A – is for “attentive” where my cares and needs are met. 
R – is for the “roots” that are planted in my heart to help me grow for life. 
T – is for the “tender” joys that homes brings in my life.

Mitchell – age 12

City of Anaheim HA

Angeles – age 15

In my poster I tried to show myself and how I felt when I didn’t have a home. During this time, I went through a rough time with myself. I used drugs as a way to cope with my emotions, which is not something positive. So, I tried to show the girl not moving because when I went through this time, I did not want to feel anything.  I used drugs as a way to numb myself and to not deal with my past. In my life, I don’t believe I ever had a home. As a child, I lived with two separate families, so family does not represent what I think as home. For me, home is myself and my past seeing how it shaped me into the person I am today. HOME is not “Having To Move Ever” again.