2016 NAHRO Award Winners from Our Region:

Every year, National NAHRO provides opportunities for its member agencies to receive national recognition for their innovative housing and community development projects, programs, and services.   These awards provide additional opportunities to inform the public of the best in housing and community development; and to create a resource bank of information on significant innovative activities performed by housing and redevelopment agencies and community development departments. Information from award recipients is also used to support NAHRO’s positions at HUD and in Congress.

Awards of Merit

Awards of Merit are available to member agencies to showcase their innovative programs. The Merit Award winners are featured during the Summer Conference.

Awards of Excellence

Nominated from among the Award of Merit winners each year, these Awards of Excellence are chosen by national juries and presented at the annual National Conference and Exhibition.  They represent the very best in innovative programs in assisted housing and community development.

Take a moment to reach out and congratulate these Regional peer members on their efforts to live out their commitment to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing!

The Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara as they received an Award of Excellence for Administrative Innovation for their Electronic Point-In-Time Homeless Count/Survey.”

Every other year, hundreds of communities across the nation must perform a Point-In-Time (PIT) Count of the homeless. Many communities have moved to more in-depth survey models that gather not only names and basic demographic information, but also detailed health and behavioral information. As the lead agency since 2011 in overseeing the PIT Count in the community, the Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara began utilizing a cross platform electronic survey (instead of paper) that volunteers could easily operate on their phones or tablets and transmit to their database, creating improved efficiency and efficacy in their efforts to house the homeless.

The Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles for
hacola_2016-national-nahro-awardsreceiving an Award of Excellence for Administrative Innovation for their “Self Service Interactive Receptionist (SSIR).”

On any given day, there are over 250 clients visiting the Community Development Commission of the County of Los Angeles’ Administrative Office. Consequently, this high volume of foot traffic and outdated check-in process results in long lines and frustration for visitors.  As a solution, the agency implemented the Self Service Interactive Receptionist, known as SSIR, an iPad application that allows clients to manually check-in to a virtual lobby reception environment using one of the three stations in the lobby. This system not only automated and streamlined lobby operations, but improved the way business is conducted for clients and staff.

Thesdhc_2016-national-nahro-awards San Diego Housing Commission was awarded an Award of Excellence for Affordable Housing “Housing First, San Diego

The San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) announced Housing First – San Diego, SDHC’s three-year Homelessness Action Plan, on November 12, 2014. First-year achievements included: 1. Invested $8.2 million toward the development of 121 affordable housing units with supportive services for homeless San Diegans. 2. Awarded 180 federal housing vouchers to assist homeless or formerly homeless San Diegans. 3. Kicked off the rehabilitation of Hotel Churchill to provide studios for homeless Veterans, youth, and additional adults. 4. Purchased a 120-unit senior apartment complex, setting aside 20 percent – 24 units – for homeless seniors. 5. Dedicated 25 SDHC-owned apartments for homeless San Diegans.

Yolo County Housing was the recipientyolo_2016-national-nahro-awards of an Award of Excellence for Community Revitalization “Bridge to Housing-Innovative Housing First Model Partners in Bridge to Housing (B2H).”

Bridge to Housing – Innovative Housing First Model
Partners in Bridge to Housing (B2H), created a time and population limited pilot project designed to test the efficacy of a Housing First model within the context of large scale, long-term homeless encampments. This program moved sixty-five individuals from The River into interim housing, 82% graduated Housing Bootcamp with 49 of the 53 graduates receiving a housing choice voucher. 72% obtained permanent housing using their voucher, and one year later, 84% of these households are still permanently housed through the Housing Voucher program.