Commissioner Committee

The Commissioner Committee have the unique ability to advocate for programs, program, policy and necessary resources to address local housing needs in their respective communities; be effective spokespersons for responsible public policy impacting upon housing and community development concerns at the national level; and  empower Commissioners to become housing and community development “Ambassadors” in their communities and wherever possible at the state and national level. Committee members support a wide range of meaningful advocacy opportunities and encourage their colleagues to make a case for viable and sustainable communities to the general public, governmental agencies, elected representatives at all levels of government and the media.

  • Kathleen Ballesteros » Vice President, Housing Authority of the County of Monterey

(Last updated 2/3/2020)

Community Revitalization & Development Committee

The Community Revitalization and Development (CR&D) Committee addresses a broad range of issues related to the economic vitality of cities and the development and conservation of neighborhoods, including administrative, legislative, regulatory, and funding issues of community development programs and operations. The Committee recommends policies in support of its primary goal — the achievement of well-planned, socially and economically sound communities.

  • Christina Husbands » Vice President, Fresno Housing Authority
  • Jim Kruse, Stanislaus Regional Housing Authority
  • Ramsey Jay, Housing Authority of the City of Santa Paula
  • John Polanskey, Housing Authority of the County of Santa Barbara

(Last updated 2/3/2020)

Housing Committee

The Housing Committee addresses administrative, legislative, regulatory, and funding issues for a wide range of housing programs and operations. The committee recommends actions and policies to further the goal of providing adequate and affordable housing for low- and moderate-income families.

  • Sanford Riggs » Vice President, Housing Authority of the County of Santa Barbara
  • Suket Dayal, San Diego Housing Commission
  • Rob Fredricks, City of Santa Barbara Housing Authority
  • Veronica Loza, City of Santa Barbara Housing Authority
  • Don Swift, Upland Housing Authority

Member Services Committee

The Member Services Committee goal is to achieve member satisfaction and grow the professional organization by providing networking opportunities, membership outreach, current technology, quality customer service and recognition of excellence.  Their vision is to provide membership benefits that will attract and retain members in order to help and support their individual and agency missions.

  • Vacant» Vice President, TBD
  • MaryLiz Paulson, SHRA
  • Elizbeth Campbell, Housing Authority of the County of Contra Costa
  • Pattra Runage, Regional Housing Authority
  • Kerrin Cardwell, City of Anaheim
  • Vanessa Gonzalez, City of Tucson
  • Martha Cheever, Sonoma County CDC

(Last updated 7/23/2020)

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee focuses on areas of career identification and advancement, provides guidance to PSWRC – NAHRO staff on training and education products and services, and seeks to enhance the professionalism of PSWRC – NAHRO members and housing and community development practitioners.

  • Liz Morales » Vice President, City of Tucson
  • Rene Tarver, City of Oceanside Neighborhood Services
  • Le’Wanda Croft, Housing Authority of the County of Santa Barbara
  • Dawn Bonsu, Stanislaus Regional Housing Authority
  • Marissa Black, Stanislaus Regional Housing Authority

(Last updated 2/3/2020)